Frequently Asked Questions



Phoenix Consulting, Inc principally trades in government and corporate originated surplus business equipment obtained through liquidation. We do a limited amount of technical work on some of these items (see condition FAQ below) and offer many as refurbished. We offer thorough descriptions of what we did, what the item looks like (most with actual item pictures), and exactly what we will guarantee. We attempt to offer the personal service others do not. There is actually a phone number posted everywhere. You will find us to be honest and trustworthy. Our goal is to salvage as much of the surplus we obtain and fairly get it into the hands of the those who originally paid for it and to benefit (by way of full use) of much of this fine equipment. Our pricing is market based, but aggressive. Because of the tremendous variety of what we offer, shipping is a challenge. Unless an item is new-in-box, we do not have original packaging and must find innovative ways to protect the items we sell. Consequently, our costs to package may appear high - please bear in mind we run a professional shipping department and pay for labor, materials and plant equipment and cannot possibly be as efficient in re-packaging these items for re-use as the OEM.


Our items are typically surplus and come from many different locations and situations. As a result, there are huge variations in item condition and in what we carry. We do sometimes get NEW items. We also refurbish many items before we offer them, and then there are also items that are used and offered that way. As a result, we offer clarification below in what you can expect when you purchase items classified in one of these categories.

NEW.  NEW items are items that have never been used at all. Often, these are machines that were stored as spares or simply never deployed by the government. They may or may not be in oem box–we will note if they are in the oem box and we will note if they include the original software and/or cables. If it is not mentioned in the description or not pictured–it is not included. These are great deals as there is no question on the quality of these items, they are brand new and unused shown to you at a great price.

REFURBISHED. REFURBISHED means different things to different people and this is possibly the most important clarification. Our refurbishment process on machines is NOT a factory refurb. A refurb in our parlance means that the item has been inspected thoroughly by our technical services department, and our technician has either treated or replaced any wear items that will affect normal functional use. The technician will not stock parts that show any visual sign that indicates the part is not functional. Machines and parts may have visual imperfections such as color, blemishes etc but nothing that would affect the functionality of the machine. Most of our items are pictured thoroughly and individually so buyers can judge subjective condition features.  

USED. A USED item is just that, used by someone, somewhere, for some period of time. An item classified as used has not been processed by our shop other than a visual inspection to assure not obvious defect. We do guarantee everything we have, including used items, for functionality – excepting as-is items (see “As-Is” below).

AS-IS. An as-is item does not include a functional guarantee. It is sold strictly as-is, meaning you are purchasing the item with no representation made on if it works as intended or not. We often disclose what we know about the item in any case, but this disclosure has not bearing on functional representation. These items are sold no-contest and in ineligible for refund or adjustment.


Condition Definitions

  • F/S - Factory Sealed in original manufacturer's box, tape and box are not cut.  Product contains warranty.
  • NOB - New Open Box is an unused product where original manufacturers packaging seal is broken or cut.  Product contains warranty.
  • NEW - Unused product with or without original manufacturers packaging, such as bulk, pulls, F/S, or NOB items.  Product contains warranty.
  • REF - Product that has been cleaned and refurbished by a manufacturer or vendor. Product may contain a mfg or vendor warranty.
  • USED - Product that has been tested to work, has no warranty, and has not been refurbished.
  • ASIS - Unknown condition, does not contain a warranty.
  • EXC - Product that is available for exchange or contain a returnable core.
  • REP - Product is available for depot repair.



We operate an online sales business only and do NOT offer pickups at our Westminster, Md location. We do have a warehouse location in Pennsylvania where pickups can be arranged by appointment ONLY. This location is not staffed at all times. Please contact us to make arrangements should you need to make an appointment.


We accept CREDIT CARDS (Mastercard, VISA and American Express), PAYPAL, Google Checkout, Purchase Orders for pre-approved creditcustomers, checks (delayed for clearance), money orders, and Western Union. Our GetThatPart.com website has a secure cart checkout system – you can checkout there in full confidence that your information is safe. We also can take credit card information over the phone, if you prefer and authorize a transaction. Please contact us if you have questions about payment types.


We process orders daily during regular business hours on weekdays. Orders received through 6AM Eastern will ship same day so long as the item is available in our ship center. Some items may take a few days longer. Tracking will be assigned to all ground parcel and pallet shipments. US Mail will generally not have tracking available. Expedited shipping is available, see the “Shipping & Expedited Services” below for more specific information.


FUNCTIONAL. All items are guaranteed to be FUNCTIONAL and as described in our listings, excepting “As-Is” items. No guarantee beyond description is offered unless specifically detailed within the listing text. No items are guaranteed beyond 30 days unless stated. If you receive an item that it not as described, you MUST contact us within 5 days to explain the situation. Many of our consumables items carry a more specific Pro-Rated Life Guarantee - see below for more detail.

PRO-RATED LIFE. One of our more unique guarantee policies is our Pro-Rated life remaining guarantee. We represent a set amount of life remaining in the consumable being purchased. These are untested, so we cannot know for certain the percent life remaining. If it is more than the represented remaining life, you get the benefit. If you find it to be less than our set point, we will pro-rate the difference to eliminate your risk. For example, if we say a toner is guaranteed to have 40% left in it , we are pricing that item based on 40% life. If you get it and it has 97% life, you got a great deal as you paid a rate that was for the 35% guarantee. If you receive it and it has 20%, then we would calculate the value of the missing 20% and refund you that amount. Proof of this would need to be provided for the credit (supplies sheet is fine) within 5 days of receipt.


We offer ONLY ground parcel to lower 48 destinations and US Mail shipping to AK, PR & Hawaii as well as the world for lighter items. We offer pallet shipping to the US lower 48 states automatically and world-wide via quote (just ask). We operate a professional shipping program, and costs include boxes, peanuts, bubble, tape as well as other specialized materials to properly pack your item for transport. We do not work for free - these rates include a reasonable labor component, based on many years of experience. We are a small customer focused operation. We ship daily weekdays and we are Eastern timezone shippers. We do offer international shipping options as outline below. Additionally please review the shipping info link at the top of our site for calculating rates ahead of time.

EXPEDITED. We also offer all expedited services, including next day, second day, saver – even overnight pallet service world-wide. ALL expedited orders require a $20 fee just for expediting, in addition to the actual freight rate for the service provided. We require that all expedited shipments be paid for prior to a 12 NOON deadline of the ship day so that we can schedule the appropriate service provider and pack the item. If you have questions, just ask – we’ll do all we can to get the item to you aor your customer.

BLIND SHIPPING. We will blind ship on request as we are able. Just note in the order any specifics and we will do our best.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: We DO offer international shipping and will sell world-wide. This is limited to US Mail service options (size/weight) and we only ship once per week. We are not responsible for customs or other fees and any specific instructions must be disclosed 
at settlement. See above.


If you receive an item that it not as described, you MUST contact us by email within 5 days to explain the situation. Please provide as much detail as possible and include pictures if you can. We will return email an authorization. You MUST get the return to us within 10 days of the authorization in order to be accepted. NO returns will be accepted unless authorized in advance and the incoming parcel has the approved RMA number clearly marked on the exterior of the package. See above. All shipping is at customer expense. All authorized returns must be sent to us via UPS or FedEX as USPS does NOT deliver to our address and will return them to the sender.

If the item you are returning is not defective, and you simply don't want it, this is referred to as a 'convenience return' and there will be a restocking cost of 25% to cover the time, labor, inventory work, sales effort and so on. Please keep this in mind before you purchase an item.

NOTE - some items are NOT returnable. This will include electronic boards, memory and related components that have been installed but have not been agreed to be defective. It is expected customer will contact us to report electronic component failures and that a troubleshooting process will ensue in which our personnel will govern procedure to confirm or deny component failure. If this has not occurred, there is no case in which we will assume financial responsibility for electrical part or components.


We prefer contact via email, and can generally provide better support with email. However if you need to call us our phone number for support is 410-374-1261 and our fax number is 443-403-2416. Our office hours are from 9am-5pm, M-F. We do support by phone, but Email allows more options for response and detail/direction.