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Who we are

We are a small, family-owned operation based in beautiful, rural Maryland.  Each member of our team is professionally trained to offer you an exceptional purchasing experience.  We know that buying refurbished, surplus and new electronics items online can be a little worrisome.  That's why we're as transparent as possible about our inventory.  And we pack each item ourselves, so you'll always have that personal touch when ordering your item.  If you ever have a question or need something you don't see, please give us a call or send us an email.  We are here to help you!


What we do

Phoenix Consulting, Inc re-markets government and business tech assets through our on-line store getthatpart.com. An extremely wide variety of equipment types, makes, and models are offered. Basically, if it has a power cord and the government or business bought it…..it is likely we offer it.


How we process equipment

When equipment is brought in, we determine if it has value and if it is working. If both criteria are a go, we process further and do full diagnostics in preparation for sale. Technicians complete refurbishing in as many cases as possible. See FAQ page for refurbishing to understand what was done. With non-working machines, we will pull parts that have value, have no observed defects, and can be guaranteed. Afterwards, the balance is recycled for scrap value.


Business Equipment Sales

Typical equipment offered includes business class workgroup printers, fax machines, copiers, plotters, scanners and related peripherals. We also handle servers, some monitors, computers, laptops and related equipment. There are many unusual machines being offered everyday – check back with us often, sign up for our newsletter, or our email list. It’s interesting just to ‘walk through’ our online store to see what we are offering.

We also offer a complete line of remanufactured (new) toner, some new excess parts and supplies inventory, and even some new machines.



Business Hours – we are open from 8 – 6 weekdays (Eastern), except weekends. Please allow 24 hrs for email or voice message response. We’re small enough that you may find us at hours beyond those stated, but don’t count on it. We try to reply to voice mail as fast as possible.

Local Buyers – Note that we are an online ONLY sales company. We cannot offer local pickups.

Everyone at GetThatPart.com Thanks You for Visiting!