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Christie Casp/1200 1200D Universal Battery Support System
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Christie Casp/1200 1200D Universal Battery Support System

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CHRISTIE CASP/1200 1200D Universal Battery Support System Unique Reflex Charge Management System Saves ReChargeables and brings them back from the DEAD! *Power cable is not included
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CHRISTIE CASP/1200 1200D Universal Battery Support System

About this item
This item acquired from the US Government. Actual item pictured. Only what is shown is included.

Model - CASP1200D
P/N - 121495-001

We verified this machine will power, initialize and returns to display CASP Dh 50 x8. We toggled through all functions and verified unit is working properly. We will guarantee this machine to perform as we have described for you upon proper setup.

Unfortunately, the power cable is not included. It is unique. We made one for testing, but recommend acquiring the correct unit.
Input: 90 - 135vac, and 180 - 265vac, 47 - 440Hz, 5amps max, single phase. 
Charge power: 250VA max (0 - 78v, 0.1 - 10 amps)
Discharge power: 35VA max (0.1 - 14 amps)
Chemistries: Ni-Cd, Lead-Acid, Silver-Zinc, Lithium-Ion, Vanadium-Redox, Lead-Calcium, chemistries yet to be developed.
Cooling: Convection
Weight: 14lbs / 6.35Kg
Accessories: Battery adaptor cables, operator manual, mains lead.


CASP/1200 Universal Battery Support System


CASP/1200 is a microprocessor-based precision instrument for maintaining any rechargeable batteries at the peak of performance. As such, it is vital to the operation of video and television equipment, aircraft systems, medical devices, communications gear, portable computers and other battery powered equipment. Through the systematic use of CASP/1200, battery operated equipment becomes more reliable, safer and far more cost effective. In a word, CASP/1200 optimizes the effectiveness of batteries as a component of electronic systems.


CASP/1200 has six channels, which automatically process up to six batteries of any type sequentially. The system performs the following functions:


By virtue of Christie’s ReFLEX charging technique, the system can be used to recondition, or “rejuvenate”, NiCd batteries, even when these batteries have deteriorated to the point that they will no longer hold a charge. This dramatic capability by itself literally justifies the use of CASP/1200.


When a battery is connected to any one of the channels, the system senses the type of battery, which is involved, and automatically provides the kind of processing that the battery requires.


The system can analyze the condition of a battery, and report that condition on an optional serial printer. It can be determined from the display or the hard-copy printout what action should be taken. In this mode, the system can analyze and report battery discharge capacity and battery charge capacity.


The system has the capability for different types of charging, as appropriate to the kinds and conditions of the batteries being processed. This capability includes fast charge, slow charge, dual-rate charge, and simultaneous charge of up to six batteries. Charging can be very rapid, and many NiCd's can be charged in as little as 30 minutes.


CASP/1200 is a sophisticated instrument, designed to make the care and maintenance of rechargeable batteries simple and straightforward. The system offers a number of key features and benefits as follows:


An outstanding benefit of CASP/1200 is that it saves its own cost by rejuvenating worn-out NiCd's, allowing them to be returned to useful service, and by charging batteries more completely, improving their reliability and extending their life.


Christie’s exclusive ReFLEX charging process has numerous advantages over other battery charging methods. Foremost among these is the ability to erase “memory” and restore badly faded battery capacity. With the ReFLEX method, batteries also get charged faster, are more fully charged, stay cooler, have less cell imbalance and last appreciably longer.

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